Building Renovation
Sarah Hayner Dickey Memorial Chapel

Riverside Cemetery
Troy, Ohio


The City of Troy owns and operates the Sarah Hayner Dickey Memorial Chapel at Riverside Cemetery. The building is a mixed-use structure housing a chapel, the superintendent’s office, and the superintendent’s residence.

The building was constructed in 1963. It is a single story building of varying types of construction, including brick veneer with wood stud backup and loadbearing masonry. The building had a flat roof. Much of the interior of the building had suffered water damage.

The City of Troy wanted to construct a pitched roof utilizing pre-engineered wood trusses and asphalt shingles to resolve many of the problems confronting the aging flat roof structural system. The new design used a hip roof with a single gable over the entry of the Chapel as to delineate the sacred space of the Chapel from the secular functions.